Wednesday Night Pizza

Wednesday Night Pizza
by “Hauk”

I’d like to invite you all for pizza and BYOB tomorrow evening (Wed) at Seabrook Sailing Club. Pls RSVP, so I have an idea of how many pizzas to buy.

It will be quite windy tomorrow, so hit the water for a spin if you can get off work in time. Tom “Speedy Gonzalez” Ryder hit 20 mph in his IMCO last weekend, so he may be the fastest guy in the Seabrook area so far in 2012.

Go out there and try to beat his record – his growing talent worries me for the 2012 WNR season, so crushing his ego early makes a lot of sense.


wednitepizza1We had 18-22 mph at SSC [Seabrook Sailing Club] last night and big chop.

Mark Z, Manny and I went out, with sails ranging from 5.2 to 9.2 sq m.

Tom was there with some family members, but did not sail.

Realizing that the 5.2 puppy sail made me slog while Mark and Manny blasted past me, I went back ashore and rigged my 7.4, which made a huge difference, and had some great runs, reaching back and forth for over an hour.

wednitepizza2Back ashore, derigged, then ordered pizza. If you like the idea of waiting for a long time for your pizza to be delivered to build your appetite,
I highly recommend Village Pissa
in Seabrook.

Dave, George and Brad showed up later, and we had some interesting discussions, and as usual, we solved Mickey’s puzzles and the rest of the world’s problems in one night.

Couple of pics attached – thanks to Tom’s daughter Sasha for taking these!

Yours in windsurfing,

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