Isabella Thanksgiving 2009 Report

Isabella Thanksgiving 2009 Report
by Alex

Spent Thanksgiving in Lake Isabella with my family and finally got to go windsurfing/kiting after 2+ months!

Thursday was glassy and warm.

Friday was much cooler and the wind was blowing about 16-20 so I went windsurfing, lasted about 30 minutes and froze. I thought I forgot how to windsurf, but it all came back to me, I was making dry planing jibes and did some shortboard tacks. I didn’t go for any freestyle because it was too cold to fall in!!!


Saturday morning, woke up to snow in the mountains above us, and the lake looked like it was nuking from the house but it was 40 degrees so I didn’t want to go in the water, but in the afternoon it warmed up a bit, put on 6mm of rubber and headed over to the lake. The wind wasn’t very strong, maybe 12-16, so I decided to go kitesurfing. I used the 12 meter and my surfboard. It was actually one of my better Lake Isabella kite sessions, relatively steady wind, I didn’t end up having to self-rescue this time.


Now I’m back here in Davis, got finals next week, and then I’ll be in SoCAL for winter break. Bring on the clearing winds!!!!!


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