Week at the Lake – Spring 2018

Hey Windjunkies!

Debi & I are planning a week at Lake Isabella, June 2nd – 10th!

We were there a few weekends ago, and it was so windy we didn’t dare sail (34 mph wind, 52 degrees). That was an anomaly, however, it should be warming up soon, so we’re going to catch it between Memorial day weekend & the schools letting out. Isabella’s awesome during the week, nobody around, no pesky jet-skis or drunks in speedboats! There’s plenty of water this year, so it should be a great time, come & join us! If you can’t do the whole week, think about a 3-day or 4-day weekend.

One small caveat: If it’s sucking, and looks to continue sucking, we’re gonna go home & surf! I’ll keep everyone informed via E-mail.


— Past Events —

Isabella Beach Party


Let’s celebrate the return of the lake, our camaraderie, my birthday, and life in general!

May 13 through the 21st, I will camp at the upwind edge of the by-then-hopefully returned Jibe Bay at the AuxDam, to paddle in the mornings, to teach beginners, to teach knots to whomever needs some coaching in that department, how to thread a downhaul without cross-overs, and whatever else exciting entertainments we can think of.

Whenever there is suitable wind, we’ll play that popular party game “pin the GPS on the mast”, to see who is the fastest of us all. Bring your own GPS, or borrow one of mine. If you are like myself, an enthusiastic dabbler, safely removed from world records, then any recording GPS will do. But if you are really fast, and wish to enter Speed Lakes or some other “real” event, then you will need to bring a doppler-style GPS – I have only one Locosys GT-31 loaner.

Depending on weather, we could have campfire get-togethers to catch up – I haven’t seen many of you since forever. Let’s change that, shall we!

Hoping to see you all!

If you would kindly RSVP, then I can plan properly.

– Eva

PS: come May 13, the lake should be at about 110,000acft/2549ft elevation, which puts the trees near the Ghetto safely under, and 6 feet of water over the Reef – YAY!


About SDWA

Events, clinics, races, regattas …

Hi All,

Robert van here from San Diego Windsurfing Association (SDWA).

We have an active Formula Feet here in San Diego and hold monthly Regattas year round; usually the 1st Sat of EVERY month. Year-end we celebrate with an awards party for the season’s points leaders.

This year I am also planing a “Catalina Crossing” LD Race with two teams who’s members sail different legs. The crossing is @25 miles open ocean (we have a chase boat). Maybe 5 miles per leg. We will have a videographer and will try for press.

At the moment we are working w/Maui Sails trying to form a 12.0 Class of TR3 sails to race in our monthly Regattas. SDWA is over 100 members strong with a growing Formula Fleet of 10-20 sailors including former Olympian Peter Bonello, past US Champ Joe Roth, Pro Sailor Devon Boulon, and other talented (and some not so) sailors. The pool of active windsurfers in So Cal exceeds 600. Devon Boulon is our current SDWA President. I am the Fleet Captain.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.

Robert van Kreuningen
Fleet Captain, SDWA