Bad Day at the River

For those who might be able to relate.

Started off great! Woke up at 6:30, checked the wind at Sherman marker 14. It was blowing 26. Wahoo. Get Dave up. Pack the van. Hugh oh can’t find Shawns gloves. Either pair. Okay so go with some old bike gloves. No biggie. 7:15 we’re on our way. Wind is holding all the way out to Sherman isl get to the parking lot and start rigging. Wetsuit still fits. That’s great news. Can’t remember when I wore my spring suit last. Can’t remember when I windsurfed last for that matter. Feb in Baja was all kiting for me. So probably at least a year ago.

Okay go to put on the harness. Oh boy have to loosen those straps. It’s always smaller dry then wet right? Ok move the straps. Hmmm those straps are quite frayed. Honey says oh they’ll be fine. Let’s go. Okay let me put these (bike) gloves on. Oh my these aren’t mine. They look like yours. Ok take them off you can manage without today. Wait where are my sun glasses. Ugh oh not in the van. Dave says ok wear mine. Okay let’s do this.

Wind dropped a bit but still 24. So I’m headed out on my 4.2 small board. Wow those new sails go perfect with my board. Aren’t I lookin good!

Head out first run…. We’re on the last bit of an ebb so have some good swell. Looking forward to getting some air on the way back.

Making my first turn behind Dave feeling good go to turn and splat! What happened? Oh probably just me first time out in a year have to get my bearings. Ok get the sail flipped go to set it up on the board and somethings not feeling right. Look up the mast and down to the board and low and behold my mast is not connected to the universal. Oh boy tendon looks to have disconnected. Yep sure enough screw gone tendon flopping around. Where’s Dave?

Ok flag him down. We wrestles with trying to get my sail inside his so he can take it back and I can paddle in. So I unhook my harness and stick the hook inside the back of my harness. Ughh Dave can’t make it work. Okay plan B. Dave heads back in to get me a new universal.

Ho de do. Ho de de. Ho de do.

Where is he. Seems like I’m drifting. Can’t swim in holding my sail and board. Okay let me sit up on my board so he can find me. Okay there he is way up the river I’ve drifted towards the ocean. Oh yeah we’re in an ebb. Okay here he comes he sees me now. Perhaps I should have done that earlier. Ok. No harm. He gets to me and we get the new universal on. Connect the Mast and away I go right? I’m up but ugh where is my hook? Oh yeah I put behind me. Drop grab the hook get it clipped in and off I go.

Hmm get water started but something isn’t right. Must be the wind. It was kind of dropping off. Why can’t I get comfortable. Going too far up wind? No it’s just flookey wind. Get back to the other side blow my jibe turn around and get back up. Okay going good down the swells this is fun. Then all of a sudden boom I’m in the water again. I have a bad feeling…. Indeed those straps that were frayed on my harness. Guess what. Yep they broke. Oh so glad I made it out to the opposite shore before that happened. Dave swings by. What is wrong with you? Can you take my bar for me? Those straps that were going to be fine weren’t so fine. Ugh oh. Not your day. Okay let me see I’m totally not in sailing shape but I’m going to sail this thing all the way back to the other shore with no harness. Oh boy well at least I know how to water start. Oh these gusts are fun. Wooaaaa splat. Okay try again. Here we go. Okay hang on you can do it. Ugh! Yes finally made it shore but not without first cutting off a kiter. Sorry dude I’m challenged here. Couldn’t he see that with my hideous form. Butt sticking out arms stretched feet not in the straps. Oh yeah lookin good.

Wow finally made it back with my bruised ego.

I’m done! Where’s my kite?

P.S. Oh yeah remember my inability to feel comfortable after I finally got going. I figured that out. The universal had slipped all the way up to the front of the slot. No wonder I kept getting pulled forward.

OMG what a day.
Hood River look out!


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