Matt & Kevin Wavesailing Clinic

Matt Pritchard & Kevin McGillivray Wavesailing Clinic
August 27, 2011
by Spennie

Matt Pritchard was on the Mainland recently, hangin’ with his friend & co-instructor Kevin McGillivray, and they decided to give a FREE wavesailing clinic at Leo Carrillo Beach State Park on Sunday August 27th, 2011. How cool is that? To give a free clinic to the Leo locals, just because. These two are really giving back to the windsurfing community!


Wait, you say you don’t know who Kevin McGillivray is? You will! This guy rips like there’s no tomorrow, best sailing I’ve ever seen outside of videos. We have a photo sequence of him 20 feet up and 60 feet long at C-Street a couple years ago, and at the clinic he was out shredding 2-footers at Leo. Remember that name!


You’ll probably find it hard to believe, but not very many showed up for the clinic, even though it was free.


Too bad for them, they missed out on free wavesailing tips from two world-class instructors, followed by an EXCELLENT afternoon of sailing, free Tabou & Gaastra demos, and more free on-the-water tips. Although the waves were small, the wind was great, blowing near 25 for a couple hours, and everyone took full advantage!


Whenever Kevin & Matt weren’t helping their students, they were demonstrating techniques, or maybe just having a lot of fun on the water.


Overall, a great day and a successful clinic, hopefully they’ll want to do it again next year, we’ve already offered our services if they do.

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