Lake Isabella Opening Day 2010

Jan 30 Lake Isabella Opening Day 2010
by Eva


Wind 18-22, air 59, water – I’d rather not know how cold it really was….
’twas lovely for 2 hrs!!

…No special sailing attire – 3/4 suit, no gloves, no hood – I had promised myself to keep going until I fell in, at which time I’d be forced to admit the folly of my ways. But it was much steadier than the graph suggested, so I stayed mercifully dry.

Btw: for those who consider off-season sailing: the iwindsurf thermometer for Isabella reads 10 to 12 degrees low

A second windsurfer was sailing out of the cove just short of the Ghetto – red sail, what looked like a yellow board, dark red pick-up with shell – I hoped he would say hello but he drove off – who were you??

Eva (still grinning)

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