In the Gorge

Freemans, Monteleons and Hausers in the Gorge
by Dave Freeman
July 2009



freemanwsrraftingGot here mid-afternoon Saturday and probably should have tried to sail as there was a little wind but the formula guys at the Nationals were even having trouble. Went for an early ride on Sunday and got a call from Casey at the Hatch wondering where we were because there was wind. The early boys got some 5.0 winds and we showed up before noon and got an hour of 6.0 sailing before the Spencer and Debi winds arrived! We are actually looking to go to Mt Hood today to ride because it should hit 100 degrees. Hows that for a Haul Ass Hotline report??

Cliff and Janice got the early wind because they listened to their boy.
– Dave

Thursday, July 30, 2009 7:38 AM
Haul Ass update–the Gorge

What do you do when it is 105 degrees in the Gorge??

Monday we mountain biked on the lower slopes of Mt Hood at about 4,000 to 4,500 ft of elevation. Discovered Trillium Lake and it was beautiful.

Tuesday, we whitewater rafted on the White Salmon river with Kay, Greg,
Cliff and Janice and had a great time. The river water was in the low 40 degree temps so wetsuits were required.
The trip ended by going over a 12 ft waterfall and we have the pics to prove it!

Wednesday we woke to EASTERLIES! Shawn and I were on the water at Stevenson at 9:30AM expecting a short session. The other members of our crew were right behind us, including Casey who I had to call and wake up. We left Stevenson after 3:30P exhausted. The sailing was just fun…Greg and i were on 6.0, Shawn and Kay on 5.2 and our small boards early but my noon we had switched to our slalom boards for the float and ripped it up. The Easterlies blow with the currrent so the chop was minimal and it takes a little out of the wind so staying powered and upwind was mandatory unless you wanted the walk of shame.

It is 7:30am Thurs and we are off to Stevenson again just as soon as my wife gets out of bed.

Friday, July 31, 2009 7:45 AM
Still 100 and still sailing/Hotline update

shawnduck325Thursday morning we were all back at Stevenson by 8:30-9:00AM anticipating a repeat of Wednesday. The wind was there but the side-off direction meant a big hole on the inside and a reach that put you dead into the swell/chop once you hit the windline. We rigged like Wednesday, 6.0 Dave and 5.2 Shawn, and I started with the slalom board to get the float to get to the wind. Two runs and it was just no fun slamming into the chop at warp speed on that board so I went back to the beach and pulled out the bump board.

Struggled to the wind line but once out there, it was a lot more pleasant sailing for the next hour or so. After that, same sail but back on the slalom board once the wind had switched to the more Easterly direction we had the day before.

Wind backed off around 10:30 and Shawn grabbed my 6.0 for a couple of runs but was too lit up and switched back to the 5.2.

I had a final golden hour session from 12:30 to 1:30 and got the last run into the beach before the wind really backed off on our side of the river.

100 degees and still sailing in the Gorge.

Friday, 7:00am and there are 3 kites and 2 sailors out at the Event site.
Reporting 18 in the corridor and we are back to Westerlies in the Gorge.
Still supposed to be 100 degrees today but the ramps should be back at the Hatch.

Off to Montana in the morning so we should have a final sailing day before we leave. Got here Saturday and sailed Sunday, Wed, Thurs and Friday despite record heat in the Gorge.

Friday, July 31, 2009 9:11 PM
Gorge final installment

Well– it only made it into the high 90’s today and we were at the Hatch by 10:30 trying to decide what to rig. Tough day to decide as the dawn patrol got steady 5.0-5.5 but by the time we arrived the wind was surging and backing off. I tried my small board with the 6.0 (again) and ended up on the slalom to get the float insurance. I had a couple of sessions on that combination but about 2:30 it kicked in enough to go back on the bump board for the final session until about 4:00pm.
Last day at the Gorge for Greg, Kay, Shawn and Dave. Not the trip we had last year but still a fun time with mountain biking, whitewater rafting and 4 days of sailing.

Off to Montana and the family portion of the vacation.

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