Freemans in Maui

Freemans in Maui
by Dave Freeman

July, 2011:

So, how are we??

5 days of 4.6 for me and 4.2 for Shawn. First four days we should have been 4.2 and 3.8 but…don’t have a 3.8 with us so we just make it work. Wind on the outside has it over 40 at time and combine that with shifting direction and voodoo chop you get the following– (this is just at home) We have consumed:
8 beers
1/3 bottle (the big handle bottle) of Tanquaray
1/2 bottle of Hana Bay dark rum
2 bottles of wine
Several Advils (or equivalent) daily

Today was the most sane wind we have seen. Spent the first 1 1/2 hours on the Upper Kanaha reef just playing in the waves and dodging turtles in a just powered 4.6. The afternoon easterlies hit around 3 pm and got beat up for another 45 minutes. Rigged two beers and derigged.

It has been windy and the iWindsurf graphs just do not do it justice for how windy it has been. Fun and we are both tired and really sore. Kay and Greg get here on Friday to share our pain and liquor.

We are renting a small cottage on the beach right in Paia so it is stumble to dinner and stumble home.

Sailing here is a full body workout.


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