Alex Freezes His N**** Off

Alex Freezes His N**** Off
by Alex

Yeah man!! It was pretty fun!

Myself, Christopher, and Matt Case went to San Onofre around 11:00 AM. I walked upwind near the Churches break (southernmost part of Trestles), and then tried to launch but couldn’t get out past the shorepound and wind that was too light for my 5.0 / 85L board. I struggled for about an hour and a half, then finally the tide was dropping and wind picked up so we all tried again, and were able to get past the break. Got about 2 hours of solid powered sailing. Some nice waves, 3-4 bottom turns. The wind wasn’t side-off like my last session there, more side on like C-Street.

It was awesome sailing with Matt, he was busting forwards and spocks right in front of me.

Trestles is my new spot to watch for clearing winds.

Sorry, no pics :( we had a photographer but they left after watching me get destroyed for an hour and a half.


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