by Lori
October, 09

We took the SUP in the harbor on Saturday & Mark went for a paddle & I walked Rufus. The wind picked up just a bit (probably blowin about 6) so Mark rigged the 5.3 & I tooled around the harbor on the SUP. It was fun -I sorta just glided along. The harbor was pretty busy with small sail boats & every now and then a huge boat would enter the Jetty where I was playing around -that was a bit scary, because I didn’t have as much control as I normally do on a board with straps. I had to really use my upper body & the sail to go where I wanted to. In fact when I first took off I glided right into the rocks & I had to jump off & swim the board away, then up haul & point really high to get away. I did get the hang of it (Stay in the center of the Jetty & always point super high) The harbor usually doesn’t get windsurfers, so I know that a lot of eyes were on me! One cyclist stopped & just kept watching me as I Jibed & Tacked back & forth. I wanted Mark to try, but he said he wanted a little more wind for his wt. Overall, it was a fun day & I hope it gets a little windy today so that I can try it again!


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