First Day of 2010!

First Day of 2010!
by Spennie, April 3, 2010

After I sent out the Fearless Forecast on Thursday, Debi started Jonesing to sail, bad. “I know we have that family Easter brunch on Sunday, but couldn’t we go for just Saturday? You said it would be good!”. Hard to argue with solid logic like that, and since the van was already packed we decided Friday night to jam up there on Saturday and get our first day in.

We arrived about 11:00, and it was already blowing pretty good, so after our traditional stop at the Subway to get a $5 footlong for lunch we went down to the beach, where we found Eva Hollman resting after her session. She had been out on her 6.2 KA race sail, and was pretty much cold & tuckered out already. We parked up by my friend Dan Cole, who had come up the night before with his girlfriend Dehn, ostensibly to see how much freezing cold wind she could tolerate before she tried to kill him.


Spennie smoking Dan
(ow… did I hear a gauntlet fall?)

stdanisi10It was blowing around 24-25 at this time, so after the usual sitting around deciding what to rig and if it was warm enough to go out, Debi rigged a 4.8 Hucker and I rigged our new 6.2 NX race sail. After struggling into full suits & booties, we hit the water & had a blast! Turned out it wasn’t all that cold after all — I sailed without gloves, and while my hands were chilly, it was totally do-able, and the 24 mph wind made it hugely fun! We sailed about 1 1/2 – 2 hours, and decided it was well worth the drive up to get that good of a session. Can’t wait for next weekend!

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